Sunday – 06/04/2017


Theresa Pitts
Jay Reeder
Melissa Hall
Nancy Neal
Jason Herr
Mary Rogers
Michael Hall – Show Committee

2017 Show Planning:

Proposal of a Walking Fleece show.  Initial figures of $500 per day for the Chicopee Facility with stalls being $25 per day.  A single judge can view 150-200 animals per day.  Motion made by Nancy Neal to hold the show.  Seconded by Theresa Pitt.  Additional discussion ensued.

Possible dates proposed:

10/28/17 – Fleece may be too short
11/17/17 – Conflicts with VAOBA
12/8/17 – Largest sales weekend for farms who attend markets and festivals

Committee was formed to gather more information.  Members are:  Jay Reeder, Theresa Pitts and Nancy Neal.  Arrangements to visit the Chicopee Woods facility were made for Tuesday, 6/6/17.

Question to the Board:  Can we release the Perry facility.  Answer, not yet.  Wait til next meeting to decide.

Motion made to hold Annual Meeting at the Fall show by Jason.  Seconded by Nancy Neal.  No one opposed.

Election items:

Jason Herr is ending his term this year and is not eligible for another
Nancy Neal is eligible to continue on the board
Issues raised:

Jason Herr is worried about the buget and the funds in the GAA accounts.  He will provide budget update by next meeting.

Educational Opportunities will be discussed in the next meeting

We will have another meeting on Sunday, 6/11/17 at 7pm to continue the discussion.

Motion made to adjourn and seconded.


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