Thursday, 02/09/2017

GAA Minutes

February 9, 2017

Telephone meeting


In attendance:  Melissa Hall, President

Bill Nutt, Vice President

Theresa Pitts

Bill Nutt

Jay Reeder

Linda Cardwell (Recording Secretary)

Michael Hall (Immed Past Pres)


Meeting was called to order by Melissa Hall at 8:07 pm.  With a quorum present, business was undertaken.




New Business



Charlotte Cates has resigned from the Board, position open, nominations welcome.

GAA/SEAA Memo of Understanding

Discussion regarding MOU

Motion by Theresa Pitts, 2nd by Bill Nutt: GAA will accept the MOU as written

4 yes, 1 abstain (Jay) – motion carried

Fall RAC

Change of building for dinner at Agricenter

Show numbers reported: 159 SEAA, 149 GAA


Discussion of ideas to increase GAA membership (FB, surveys, visits, phone calls)

Jason Herr and Melissa Hall are set to rotate off the Board


Old Business



Meeting adjourned: 9:51 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Linda Cardwell

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