Thursday, 03/02/2017

GAA Meeting

March 2, 2017



Members Present:  Melissa Hall; Jay Reeder; Theresa Pitts; Nancy Neal;

Mary Rogers

Members Absent:  Bill Nutt; Jason Herr


Call to Order: 8:00 pm by President Melissa Hall




*Nancy Neal was welcomed as a new board member to serve the remaining term of Charlotte Cates.


*The board discussed creating a nominating committee for possible board members to be voted on by the membership prior to our annual meeting and following the GAA bylaws.


*Royal Alpaca Challenge that has been annually held in November was discussed along with the dual show that was held with SEAA’s Southern Select this year (2017).  Expenses were discussed and Michael Hall stated he would send out a summary of expenses with information that could be used to help inform the board in preparation for the fall RAC.


Motion was made by Mary Rogers to commit to hosting an AOA certified alpaca show in the fall of 2017.  Theresa Pitts seconded.  The vote was 4 ayes and no nays.


Discussion followed that determined that there should be halter, walking fleece, cottage and spin-off competitions; standard offerings based on sufficient participation.


Possible alternate locations for RAC were discussed and no decision was made at this time.  Judges were discussed and judges to be considered were to be obtained so that they could be selected and secured asap.


*Ways to best serve the membership were discussed and the board concluded that educational opportunities would serve all members well.


Motion was made by Jay Reeder to present farm-hosted educational seminars on the 3rd Saturday of every other month to begin in April and GAA would provide all costs for the seminars to include meals, materials, and/or presenters.  It was determined that GAA would plan to offer at least 4 seminars over the remainder of 2017.  Nancy Neal seconded. The vote was 4 ayes and no nays.


  1. Melissa Hall volunteered to present the first seminar demonstrating and discussing shearing of huacaya and suri alpacas, herd health at shearing, organization of fleece collection, and how to “noodle” fleece in preparation for show. Nancy Neal of The FaRanch will host the seminar.  It was determined that it would need to be on the fourth Saturday, April 29th, due to conflict in scheduling with another alpaca fiber event.


  1. Jun 17th – possibly on how to recognize good fiber and other attributes when selecting animals and determining breeding plans; Jay Reeder shared that Kathy Klay might be a good expert for this seminar.


  1. August 19th – partnering with SEAA for an educational event; they are planning this event already and GAA might decide that Dr. Anderson’s services which we have already paid for might be used for this event; SEAA plans to have their annual meeting at this time and GAA might consider the same for their annual meeting.


  1. October 21st – Theresa Pitts suggested hosting a seminar on what mills want with alpaca fiber and what they can make with different types of alpaca fiber; maybe making dryer balls and felting soap, or similar hands-on projects, could be offered as well; a mill owner might be invited to speak.


Mary Rogers suggested a seminar that trains participants in FAMACHA and proving FAMACHA cards, fecal collection and analyzing by microscopic evaluation, and treatments appropriate for common, and maybe not so common, parasites.


Jay Reeder offered to help organize a marketing and advertising seminar; including setting up or adding to member’s websites on site so they walk out with a new or improved website.


Other possible topics might include using the FFA, need for doing soil, hay and water tests and how to get them done.  Door prizes, actual charts or samples of products could be included.


Volunteers for dates and topics to be scheduled should be sent to Mary Rogers to set up the calendar of events.


*Motion was made by Theresa Pitts to actively participate – if within acceptable limits to be determined by the GAA board at presentation of proposed plans by SEAA – in the SEAA Annual Meeting and Educational Seminars and to see about holding the GAA Annual Meeting during that event as well.  Nancy Neal seconded.  The vote was 3 ayes and no nays.


*Motion was made by Theresa Pitts for GAA to have monthly board meetings on a set schedule with an agenda presented a week prior to meeting and the meetings would be limited to 1 hour, as much as possible.  Melissa Hall, as President, would determine the schedule and compile and distribute the agendas.


*Motion was made by Mary Rogers to adjourn. Jay Reeder seconded. The vote was 4 ayes and no nays.


Minutes taken and presented by Mary Rogers since a secretary was not available for this meeting.




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