Tuesday, 08/15/2017

GAA Minutes

August 15, 2017

Telephone meeting


In attendance:

Theresa Pitts, President

Bill Nutt, Vice President

Melissa Hall

Nancy Neal

Linda Cardwell, Recording Secretary


Meeting was called to order by President, Theresa Pitts, at 8:07 pm.  With a quorum present, business was undertaken.




New Business

  1. Nominating Committee Report

Jay Reeder resigned as of 8/15/17

Motion: Ballot of the 2 Board nominees (Judy Dick, Walnut Knoll Farms and Carolyn Crafts, Craftdal Alpacas) be accepted and put forth for a vote. **Motion tabled until next meeting**

  1. Accountant review

Theresa reported in the absence of Jason: $29,291.42 in combined GAA accounts.  Report will be emailed.

  1. Membership dues/update: 2 non board members have renewed membership
  2. Proposal from Courtney Williams re: March 2018 dual show in Sevierville, TN

Discussion of proposal. Motion by Theresa, 2nd by Nancy to turn down the proposal. Motion carried.

  1. 2017 December show update: 4 alpacas registered, 2 vendors and 1 sponsor committed.
  2. Marketing Plan goal: increase social media footprint (FaceBook)

Motion by Theresa, 2nd by Melissa: Allot $50/month for FB advertising.  Motion carried.

Motion by Nancy, 2nd by Theresa: Send e-blasts from GAA to all registered farms re: open membership and December show with a budget of $100.  Motion carried.

  • Discussion of member benefits, ie: buying power, shipping account for lower rates, etc.


  1. Moultrie Ag Expo – SEAA is not renting the alpaca barn going forward. GAA has the opportunity to pick up costs for Expo.  Brian Neal will pick up the trailer, inventory and distribute items.

Motion by Theresa: let the lease go, knowing there will be no future opportunity.

**Motion tabled until next meeting**

  1. Officers

Motion by Theresa, 2nd by Bill to re-open the voting for officers.  Motion carried.

Nancy was appointed VP replacing Bill, Melissa was appointed Treasurer.

Old Business





Next meeting: August 22, 2017, 8 pm by phone

Meeting adjourned: 9:32 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Cardwell


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