Tuesday, 08/30/2017

GAA Meeting
August 29, 2017

Members Present: Melissa Hall; Theresa Pitts; Nancy Neal;
Members Absent: Bill Nutt; Jason Herr; Mary Rogers;

Call to Order: 8:09 pm by President Theresa pitts


Treasurer Update: No formal update – Melissa still to receive handover of checkbook/paperwork from Jason. Melissa will obtain checkbook for show account from Gail soon.

Board of Director Elections – Nominating committee is responsible for preparing/mailing ballots to all paid GAA members. Melissa Hall was selected to instruct the committee on proper procedure for ballot mailing / return, etc.

Return date for ballots was set for 10/1/15 so that results can be announced at Annual meeting.

Annual Meeting - Theresa Pitts made motion to set annual meeting date of 10/15/17 and was seconded by Nancy Neal. All in favor, none opposed.

Details of annual meeting are as follows:
Location: UGA Livestock Arena
Date: 10/15/17
Time: Not set
Cost: Zero cost, if we clean up after ourselves

AOA Show Dues Phenomenon – With the GAA show being after 12/1/17, the attendees can take advantage of the fact that AOA opens 2018 registration on 12/1/17. This means that if someone signs up/pays their 2018 AOA show system dues between 12/1/17 and before the GAA show, and they are not already a 2017 AOA show system member, then they can attend our show without paying the additional $80 non AOA show member fee. The issue will be that the Alpaca Show Registration system will charge them at the time that they register for the GAA show the $80 fee (if applicable) and we will need to refund the fee if they sign up as a 2018 AOA show system member.

All attending board members have no objection to this, but we will need to convey this situation to potential show attendees.

Theresa Pitts will contact Don Thompkins to determine if we can modify the verbiage on the section that charges the $80 fee to include information about a refund. She will also prepare an additional web page and update the existing web pages with this info.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:37pm.

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