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GAA Annual Alpaca Recognition Program

The Georgia Alpaca Association has created and implemented this annual program to recognize those GAA alpacas which have excelled in the AOBA halter show ring.  This third Annual Year-Long Event was a success. The 2012 winners of the gorgeous LEATHER banner are listed below.

The 2013 GAA Annual Recognition Program is well underway.  All alpacas owned by any GAA farm member are eligible to compete for the ultimate recognition as the Best in the Show Ring 2013. Awards will be presented in both Huacaya and Suri in both male and female by AOBA color group.  

Points are accumilated by individual alpacas by placing in any AOBA certified halter show. Points are calculated by placing and show size. To make it a little more competitive this year you must win at least 50 points to enter the GAA Annual Recognition Program competition. 

The 2013 competition will begin with results from the 2012 Royal Alpaca Challenge and run through October 16, 2013.

Please contact Courtney Williams for additonal details, or Gail Scherer to submit entries at

Submit the following information:

  • Color Clas
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Show Name
  • Show Date
  • Name of Alpaca (on ARI)
  • Placing (First -Sixth and Championships)

email to Gail Scherer at:


Huacaya Females

  • Black - CCAP Black Gold (Destiny Alpacas) 360 Points
  • Brown – Sunbeams Sunday Surprise (Mystic Mountain Alpacas) 45 Points
  • Fawn – Amberly (Papas Alpacas Farm) 135 Points
  • Grey – High Voltage's Proud Mary's Lady (Papas Alpacas Farm) 69 Points
  • IN – Dark Angel of Destiny (Destiny Alpacas) 45 Points
  • Light – LMA Jiggity-Jig (Lasso the Moon/Woodsong) 193 Points
  • Multi – Apple Blossom (Carrell Farms) 45 Points
  • White – LMA Lullaby (Lasso the Moon/Woodsong) 120 Points

Huacaya Males

  • Black – Crafdal Farm's Livingston (Crafdal Farm Alpacas) 45 Points
  • Brown – Ausable Valley's Ascent (Papas Alpacas Farm) 445 Points
  • Fawn – FDA Event Horizon by Skywalker (Lasso the Moon/Woodsong) 177 Points
  • Grey – Graysen (Papas Alpacas Farm) 77 Points
  • IN – Arti Storm's Heinrich (Papas Alpacas Farm) 77 Points
  • Light – LMA Bear Claw's Knuckles (Mystic Mountain Alpacas) 100 Points
  • White – RDWD B16's Peruvian Titan (Deer Hollow Alpaca Farm) 68 Points

Suri Females

  • Black – GA OAKS Hershey's Blackalicious (Georgian Oaks Farm) 195 Points
  • Brown – GA OAKS Sunkissed Bliss by Hershey (Georgian Oaks Farm) 186 Points
  • Light – GA OAKS Hershey's Almond Joy (Georgian Oaks Farm) 105 Points

Suri Males

  • Black – MacGyver's Midnight Son (Big Creek Alpaca Farms) 180 Points
  • Brown – RFSS Ferrari (Georgian Oaks Farm) 198 Points
  • Fawn – Cashew Cassidy (Big Creek Alpaca Farms) 72 Points
  • Light – Timberlake's Shiloh's Saber (Walnut Knoll Farm) 45 Points
  • Light – Roma's Lotus (Lemuel Acres) 45 Points
  • White – Thunder River's Lightning's Storm (Thunder River Suri Alp.) 84 Points

Suri Get of Sire

  • RFSS Peruvian Hershey (Georgian Oaks/Ridgeview SS) 105 Points