Stalling Information

Stalling Information

Barn/Arena Coordinator:


Online Registration - begins TBD

Indoor arena with priority stalling for Royal Sponsors.  All other stalls are outdoor, under the same roof as the arena, so at no time will your alpaca need to be exposed inclement weather.  All stalls are 10x10 and have full electric hookups.  Bedding will be provided for each paid stall.  Stall mats are recommended.

This arena offers a concession stand, well-maintained indoor restrooms, indoor class room and  indoor, climate controlled arena.


Arena Stalls: 10 x 10 Livestock Panels -  back, side & front panels are open, 1" square tube panel.

If you have multiple stalls the side panels can be removed for a combined space for your males or females.

2018 Stall pricing:

  • $TBD for GAA Farm Members
  • $TBD for GAA Associate Members
  • $TBD for Non-Members

Bedding & Electric

  • Bedding is required, show will provide new, unused cardboard squares by AirLite USA - dirt floor in arena
  • 3 adult alpacas per stall, or four juvies together per stall.
  • Electricity is abundant, however, please be sure you use approved outdoor extension cords just in case. No heaters, electric clippers or other high energy devices will be permitted


Misc. Details

  • If you require stalls adjacent to other farms because of sharing space, please indicate on the registration form, and we will do our best to honor your request based on availability at time of entry.
  • Small display tables (2.5  feet width by 3 feet length or smaller) will be allowed in hallways in front of stalls.
  • You may hang signs/farm info in stalls or on bars in front of stalls or you may purchase a stall specifically for display purposes.

Online Registration - begins TBD

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