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To volunteer, please contact:
Theresa Pitts - 478-363-3755


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The Volunteers make the show.  Volunteering at a show is great way to learn and make new friends.  We need a  plethora of different volunteers.  A sample of ways you can help is listed below, or If you don’t care what the task is but just want to help in any way you can let us know.

Ring stewards

A ring steward helps the judge in the ring by letting the judge know the color/age of the class she/he is about to judge and the number of animals in the class.  Ring stewards also help hold animals when necessary, have the pad that the winners are written on at hand when the judge needs it and gets the ribbons for the judge to hand out.

Gate Keepers

A gate keeper lines up the animals as they arrive to go in the ring. They are given a sheet with the list of animals that correspond to a show number.  The animals enter the ring from oldest to youngest. The ring steward makes sure all animals are present for the class and places them in the order as listed on the sheet. If the Stewart is missing animals and the class is about to start the Gate Keeper needs to let the Show Super know.

Compliance Checkers

The compliance checker opens the fleece on all the animals at mid side during check in and compares the color of the fiber that is closest to the skin of the alpaca to the ARI color chart to determine what color class that animals should be judged in. This is a good job for a experienced exhibitor or confident beginner that is familiar with the color divisions.

Check in

We need many volunteers to help with check in.  Jobs will range from checking microchip numbers, helping exhibitors hold animals during check in, Helping exhibitors find their stalls, handing out show pack totes and helping unload trailers as needed by exhibitors.

Preparation for show

Behind the scenes things that need done for the show include setting up the rings, stuffing the show pack totes with ad materiel and show information, making sure bedding is placed near each stall, setting up stalls in the arena, setting up display tables for the GAA store, hospitality pot luck and educational displays, setting up tents if necessary.


Post show participant breakdown

Assist participants with the breakdown and loading of their setup & animals/materials.

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